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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Malseed, Robert (Bobby) Campbell

Robert (Bobby) Campbell Malseed
was born in 1922.  

Bobby was the son of Henry Malseed, of the Belfast Bank, Belfast. 
He joined the Belfast Banking Company in May 1940 and started in Larne branch.

In 1941 Malseed volunteered and enlisted into the Army. 
Following demobilisation in 1946, he returned to work in Markets branch.  

Malseed was a member of the Belfast Banking Company Sports Club in March 1947 paying 5 shillings subscription.  

He also served in Magherafelt (1947), Ballymoney, Coleraine, Londonderry and Lurgan branches. 
A profile and picture was published in the staff magazine ‘The Link’ (Summer 1979). 

A rugby picture of Malseed was published in the staff magazine ‘The Link’ (Summer 1982). 
Malseed retired on 30th April 1985 with a picture being published in the staff magazine ‘The Link’ (Summer 1985). 

Mrs L V Malseed, the widow of R C Malseed attended the 2000 re-dedication ceremony of the Rolls of Honour.


  1. Bobby Malseed was one of the nicest bank managers you could meet. He was not a 'push over' for customers as he was also a very shrewd banker. I got to know him well as a result of management and lending courses we both attended and I found him to be very supportive of bank policy. He served in the North Irish Horse - a tankey outfit that swanned about the battlefield while the PBI had to slog it on foot. His few tales of his experiences were invariably laced with humour. I had a great lot of time for Bobby.

    1. David, thank you for your very interesting story on Bobby Malseed.

  2. I think he's part of the Malseed Family from Londondery.


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