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NB - WWII - Deceased, Missing or Served

An alphabetical list of the Northern Bank officials who died, were reported missing or served during WWII.


  1.  Anderson, Norman Alexander
  2.  Best, Walter John
  3.  Hunter, William Herbert
  4.  Irwin, John Cecil Brandon


  1. Agnew, James Silas
  2. Anderson, Paris Newton
  3. Bass, Hugh Gray
  4. Bates, Arthur Henry
  5. Boyd, Thomas McMeekin
  6. Bristow, John Follett
  7. Carson, Henry
  8. Carson, John
  9. Caskey, William Scott
  10. Clarke, David Victor - alive in 2019
  11. Cross, Campbell
  12. Dolan, Francis William Temple
  13. Donaghy, Thomas Moffett
  14. Duff, Donald McConnell
  15. Duff, William Archibald
  16. Duncan, John James
  17. Gilchrist, Richard
  18. Hanna, Alexander (Lex)
  19. Hunter, David James
  20. Hutchinson, George Courtney
  21. Kearney, Denis
  22. Kelly, Francis
  23. Knight, Robert Irwin
  24. Larmour, George Edward
  25. Lilley, Brian Martin
  26. McCully, William Thomas Cochrane
  27. McFeeter, William Andrew
  28. Nelson, Gerald Eric Pat Hartfell
  29. Nixon, William James
  30. O’Neill, John Rory Pryde
  31. Price, William Wynne
  32. Shortt, James Alexander Dickson
  33. Spence, Arthur Leonard
  34. Stronge, James Desmond
  35. Thompson, Eric Nelson
  36. Thompson, Jackson Holmes
  37. Thompson, Michael (Mickey) Stanley Desalis
  38. Todd, William John
  39. Tweedie, Brian Morrison
  40. Watson, John Frederick
  41. White, Louis McKelvey


  1. Great site, however would ne nice to see the inscription and details of the memorials, also as this year starts the 100th anniversary of the start of WW1, it would be nice to see the memorials out on display for the public to see, this wouldn`t be a permanent thing only during the next 4 years as a commemoration to those that died in the banks,

    1. Thank you. Photos of the memorials are included elsewhere on my site. I totally agree that the memorials etc should be on public view during the period of Great War commemoration but that would have to be a decision of the management of Northern Bank t/a Danske Bank.


Please add any verifiable information to assist me in building on the biographical information already detailed. Thank you.