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Tuesday, 22 January 2019

U.V.F. Patriotic Fund

U.V.F. Patriotic Fund

By the early part of 1916 the Ulster Volunteer Force (U.V.F.) command were realising that injured soldiers returning home and their families together with the families of deceased soldiers would need financial assistance.

The Command based at the Old Town Hall, Victoria Street created a U.V.F. Patriotic Fund and advertised for funds in local papers during May 1916.

The first list of subscribers was published in a Belfast Newsletter advertisement / appeal.

It must be noted that the Belfast Banking Company, Northern Banking Company and the Ulster Banking Company each donated £300 to the fund.  This equates to £18, 244 as at 21st January 2019.

A Mr J R Bristow donated £25 (£1,520 as at 21st January 2019).  He may have been related to the Bristow's who were senior directors of the Northern Banking Company.

[Newspaper image courtesy of John McCormick]

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