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Thursday, 26 September 2019

Callaghan, Richard Marcus

Lieutenant Richard Marcus Callaghan
was born on 17th March 1895 at Killyquinn to Robert Callaghan and Mary Jane Callaghan nee Stevenson. The surname on the birth registration is spelt Callaghan.

In 1901 Richard (*) was living in house 51, Loughgall Town, Loughgall, Co. Armagh with his parents and 3 siblings, Robert, Lillian and Eileen.  His grandmother, a visitor and a servant are also present in the house. 

(*)  His name was written as Marcus.

By 1911 the property was known as house 53, Loughgall Town, Loughgall, Co. Armagh.  Richard, his parents and 3 siblings Robert, Lillian and Eileen.

On 28th September 1912, Callaghan signed the Ulster Covenant at Loughgall giving his address as Royal School, Armagh.

Richard would have joined the Belfast Banking Company sometime around 1913 working in Donegal.  His father signed the Bankers Guarantee and later on, his wife Gwendoline Iris Callaghan also signed it.

Bankers Indemnity Ledger - R M Callaghan

Richard enlisted into the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers and attained the rank of 2nd Lieutenant.  He was attached to the Royal Army Service Corps.

Medal Index Card - R M Callaghan

The newspaper 'Northern Whig' dated 24th March 1917 reports Officer Cadet R M Callaghan as being promoted to 2nd Lieutenant.  His first theatre of war is recorded as France from May 1917.

The newspaper 'Londonderry Sentinel' dated 10th August 1920 reports Lieutenant R M Callaghan, Special Reserve of Officers, as relinquishing his commission but retaining his rank of Lieutenant.

Following his demobilisation after the Great War, Callaghan returned to work.  Richard was awarded the Victory Medal and the British War Medal.

The 'Belfast News Letter' dated 24th December 1932 records the death at the Hospital for Sick Children of Marcus on 22nd December 1932.  Burial at family burial ground, Loughgall.  The family address of Marcus and G Callaghan was 1 Madison Avenue, Belfast.

November 1933 saw a transfer for Richard from Head Office to Banbridge.

BBCo Head Office, 2 Waring Street, Belfast

BBCo Banbridge branch

R M Callaghan was a member of the Belfast Banking Company Sports Club in March 1948 paying 1 shillings subscription and was recorded as being in Banbridge branch.

Retirement came in 1956.

He died on 2nd September 1959.

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Dougan, Roland Hamill

Cadet Roland Hamill Dougan
was born 19th February 1897 at 40 Carlisle Street, Belfast to James Alexander Dugan, bread-server and Susan Dugan nee Hamill.  The surname is spelt Dugan on the birth registration with Dougan being crossed out.

In 1901 Roland was living in house 40, Carlisle Street, Court Ward, Belfast with his parents and a brother Earnest.

By 1911 the family had moved to house 9, Albert Terrace, Coleraine, Co. Londonderry.  A further 3 siblings were in the house, Delia, Kenneth and Lina.

On Ulster Day, 28th September 1912, Dougan signed the Ulster Covenant at the Town Hall, Coleraine giving his address as Coleraine.

Dougan would have joined the Belfast Banking Company around 1914 aged around 17.  His father signed the Bankers Indemnity for him.  At later dates, his mother, brother and one other were recorded in the ledger.

BBCo Bankers Indemnity Ledger - R H Dougan

On 19th October 1914 Roland enlisted into the RAF as a Clerk.  He records his fathers address as 14 Ferryquay Street, Londonderry. 

RAF Airmen Records - R H Dougan - page 1

RAF Airmen Records - R H Dougan - page 2

A month later Roland was transferred to 247 Squadron RAF,  The BBCo record his rank as a Cadet.  Wiki records this about the squadron:

"No. 247 Squadron was first formed in World War I on 20 August 1918 by the amalgamation of No. 336 and 337 Flights of the Royal Naval Air Service.  The squadron was equipped with Felixstowe F2A flying boats and its role was reconnaissance and anti-submarine work in the North Sea.  With the cessation of hostilities, the squadron was disbanded on 22 January 1919."

Roland was transferred to RAF Reserves on 21st February 1919.  He had served 4 months in the Great War.

Following his demobilisation after the Great War, Dougan returned to work in Head Office and Rathfriland.

BBCo Head Office, 2 Waring Street, Belfast

Belfast Banking Company, Rathfriland

Roland died on 8th March 1956.  PRONI Wills Calendar record:

"Dougan Roland Hamill of 64 Downpatrick Street Rathfriland county Down bank official died 8 March 1956 Probate Belfast 15 June to Vera Hamilton Dougan the widow. Effects £2402 3s. 1d."

Also see Howard Kennedy Harris who joined the RAF at the same time as Roland Dougan.

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Glasgow, Ernest Moore

Private Ernest Moore Glasgow
was born on 6th July 1893 at Loy, Cookstown.  He was the son of William James Glasgow, Linen Draper and Rebecca Jane Glasgow nee Moore.

In 1901 Ernest was living in house 36, James’s Street, Cookstown, Co. Tyrone with his parents and 2 brothers, Allan and Henry.  A boarder and 2 servants were also present in the house.

Glasgow would have joined the Belfast Banking Company around 1911.  His father signed the Bankers Indemnity.

BBCo Bankers Indemnity Ledger - E M Glasgow

In 1911 the parents, Henry and 1 servant are living in house house 36, James’s Street, Cookstown, Co. Tyrone.

By 1911, Glasgow was boarding in house 19, Mountcharles Street, Windsor Ward, Belfast.  He is one of five boarders who are staying with the Coulter family of a mother and her two daughters. His occupation is that of a Bankers Clerk.

On 28th September 1912, Glasgow signed the Ulster Covenant at the City Hall, Belfast giving his address as 19 Mount Charles, Belfast.

He was five years in the Belfast Bank, and was in Head Office and in Bangor branch.

BBCo, Head Office, 2 Waring Street, Belfast

BBCo, Bangor branch

Ernest volunteered early in the war but was unable to pass the medical examination.  On the second attempt, he enlisted into the Royal Marine Artillery as a Private with Service Number RMA 1446/S.  He was sent to Portsmouth for training. 

He served in France and was awarded the British War Medal.

Royal Marines - Medal Roll - Glasgow E M

Glasgow is buried in the Derryloran Old Graveyard, Cookstown.

This link to Cookstown War Dead gives greater detail about the family and the 3 brothers who served, one being killed in action.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Grant, James Herbert

2nd Lieutenant James Herbert Grant MM

was born on 18th April 1888 at 3 Downshire Park or Place, Belfast to James Grant, Clerk and Mary Grant nee Walsh.

In 1901 James was living in house 96, Donegall Pass, Windsor Ward, Belfast with his parents and 7 siblings, Amelia Florence, Mary Rosena, Eliza Eleanor, Frederick William, Arthur Hill, Robert John and Andrew Walter.  An uncle, Robert Grant was also in the house.

James would have joined the Belfast Banking Company around 1906 serving in Drogheda and Lurgan.  His father, James signed the Bankers Indemnity and following his death, Andrew Walter (brother) signed as well.

BBCo Bankers Indemnity Ledger - J H Grant

BBCo, Drogheda branch

BBCo, Lurgan branch

James had a brother, Andrew Walter Grant of Northern Bank, Willowfield, Belfast (also O’Connell Street, Dublin – Manager).  He also features in this publication.

In 1911, James is boarding with the McWatters family in house 2 Drumarg or Downs, Armagh Rural, Co. Armagh.  He is described as a Bank Official.  A possible colleague, Frederick Charles Robinson (Bank Official) is also boarding in this house.

In 1911 the family are still in Donegall Pass.  The parents, 3 daughters, the uncle and 1 servant are present.

On Ulster Day, 28th September 1912, James signed the Ulster Covenant at Armagh giving his address as Malart Villa, Armagh.

James volunteered and enlisted into the 18th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers with Service Number PS/6051.  Promotion via Sergeant lead to him transferring as a 2nd Lieutenant to the 3rd Battalion, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

Medal Index Card - J H Grant

James' Medal Index Card records his first theatre of war as France and Flanders from 14th November 1915. 

The London Gazette dated 16th November 917 recorded 6051, Cpl J H Grant, Royal Fusiliers (Hillsborough) as being awarded the Military Medal.

On 25th April 1917 James was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant.

1915 Star - Roll - Pte J H Grant

Victory Medal and the British War Medal Roll - Sgt J H Grant

In addition to the Military Medal, James was awarded and applied on 25th November 1922 for the 1915 Star, the Victory Medal and the British War Medal.

Following his demobilisation after the Great War, Grant returned to work.

Retirement came in 1951.  He died on 19th January 1956.

Hamilton, Charles Daniel

Trooper Charles Daniel Hamilton
was born on 27th November 1881 at Church Street, Dromore, Co. Down to John Hamilton, Linen Manufacturers Clerk and Emily Hamilton nee Daniel of Dromore Co. Down. 

Charles would have joined the Belfast Banking Company around 1900 and worked in Derry.

BBCo, Londonderry branch

His father, John signed the Bankers Indemnity giving his address as Dromore.  Later, Donald Bruce Hamilton and Francis Roycroft Hamilton would join in the indemnity.

BBCo Bankers Indemnity ledger - C D Hamilton

In 1901 Charles was boarding with the Black family in house 45, Bridge Street, Ballymena, Co. Antrim.  He is described as a Bankers Clerk. 

In 1901 the family were living in house 43, Princes street, Dromore, Co. Down.  Parents John and Emily, siblings Francis, Alice, Walter and Bruce, boarders William Larmour and Alfred Davison. 

By 1911 Charles had moved to Strabane and was boarding with the Thompson family in house 1, Main Street, Strabane West, Co. Tyrone.  He is described as a Bank Clerk.  The home contained the father, 3 daughters, 3 boarders and 3 servants.

Belfast Banking Company, Strabane

John (father) died aged 63 on 13th September 1911 at Glencoe House, Dromore.  He had been predeceased by his wife Emily who died aged 62 on 16th March 1909 at Glencoe House, Dromore. 

Charles volunteered and enlisted on 10th December 1915.  The Attestation Form signed by Charles (copy below) lists various army regiments i.e.:  Royal Irish Rifles, Tank Corps, Dorset Regiment and Inns of Court OTC (last one stroked out).  The declaration was made in Lincoln, England.  Two Service Numbers are also present i.e. 8288?, 2117 and 317859.

The BBCo records Charles as serving with the Dorset Yeomanry as a Trooper.

Attestation Form dated 10th December 1915 

Charles' brother Bruce served in 'C' Company, 13th Battalion, Royal Irish Rifles, Service Number 16568.  He was a Sergeant and was killed in action at France and Flanders on 16th August 1917.  He is commemorated on the Tyne Cot memorial.

Monday, 16 September 2019

Lynas, William Theodore

Officer Cadet William Theodore Lynas
was born on 3rd February 1894 to William Henry Lynas (Lithographer) and Eva Lynas nee McGee, both of 56 Deramore Avenue, Belfast.

In 1901 William lived in house 216, Ravenhill Road, Ormeau Ward, Belfast with his parents and 3 siblings; Frances Eva, Madeline Beatrice and Norman Edward.

By 1911 the whole family had moved to house 3, Sandhurst Road, Cromac Ward, Belfast.  William is described as a scholar.

On Ulster Day, 28th September 1912, (Wm T) Lynas' parents signed the Ulster Covenant and Women's Declaration at City Hall, Belfast and All Saints School, Cromac, Belfast giving their address as 6 Sandhurst Road, Belfast.  Two sisters Beatrice and Franzi also signed the Women's Declaration.

Lynas would have joined the Belfast Banking Company around 1912/13.  His father signed the bankers indemnity.  He served in Armagh.

BBCo Bankers Indemnity Ledger - Wm T Lynas

BBCo Armagh branch

Lynas served as an Officer Cadet with the Officer Training Corps (OTC).

BBCo Londonderry branch

The Staff Magazine ‘The Link (Winter 1984)’ contains a photograph of Lynas in Londonderry branch in the 1930’s.

W T Lynas, 1930, Belfast Banking Company, Shipquay Street, Londonderry branch

Staff, 1930, Belfast Banking Company, Shipquay Street, Londonderry branch

Eva Lynas (mother) died aged 70 at Belfast Mental Hospital on 4th October 1936 and is buried with her husband in Dundonald Cemetery.  58 Shandon Park was his last residence.

William was in Londonderry branch when he left the Bank in 1940.  On 1st March 1941 his address was 44 Rosemount Gardens, Belfast.

William died aged 47 at 58 Shandon Park, Belfast on 11th August 1941 and is buried with his brother Norman in Dundonald Cemetery.  On 14th August 1941, the Belfast News-Letter carried the following death notice that mentioned his widow Emily Lynas.

William Henry (father) died aged 85 on a 'bus at corner of Holland Drive & Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast' on 1st January 1951 and is buried with his wife Eva in Dundonald Cemetery.  58 Shandon Park was his last residence.  The Belfast Telegraph published an obituary for William H Lynas.  Within it were mentioned Mr H E McDowell (son-in-law) and Mr H D Simpson (grandson) indicating the two sisters Frances Eva and Madeline Beatrice married either Mr McDowell or Mr Simpson.

Norman died aged 60 at 'Garnesh', Beechill Avenue, Belfast on 31st December 1960 and is buried with his brother William in Dundonald Cemetery.

Friday, 13 September 2019

Mahood, Thomas

Company Quarter-Master Sergeant Thomas Mahood MBE
was born on 24th September 1887 at 27 Lawnbrook Avenue, Belfast, the son of Samuel Mahood, Street Inspector and Arabella Mahood nee Beggs.

In 1901 Thomas was living in house 58, Ballydownfine, Ballygomartin Ward, Co. Antrim with his parents and 4 brothers, James, Samuel, Hugh and George Hamilton.

Thomas would have joined the Belfast Banking Company around 1905.  His father signed the Indemnity to the bank.  Later on, his brother Samuel would take on the Guarantee.  Various family addresses are recorded:

98 Balmoral Avenue, Belfast
51 Lisburn Road, Belfast

Belfast Banking Company - Indemnity Guarantee Ledger

By 1911 Thomas is boarding in house 16, Forthill Street, Enniskillen East, Co. Fermanagh with a family with surname Hood.  He is described as a Bank Clerk.

Thomas' parents are living in house 98 Balmoral Avenue, Belfast.  Brothers Hugh and George Hamilton are still residing at home.

On 28th September 1912, a Thomas Mahood signed the Ulster Covenant at Enniskillen giving his address as Font Villa, Enniskillen.

In October 1914, Thomas enlisted into the Royal Irish Rifles with Service Number 15538 giving his age as 26 years and 11 months.  His occupation is a Bank Clerk.

Short Service Attestation - Thomas Mahood

According to his Medal Index Card, Thomas served with the 10th Bn. Royal Irish Rifles and attained the rank of Quarter-Master Sergeant.  His first theatre of war is recorded as France from 5th October 1915.

Medal Index Card - Thomas Mahood

Whilst on leave from the 'front', Thomas married Nora Morrison, 22 at Drumballyroney Parish Church, Co. Down on 2nd December 1916.

Marriage Registration - Thomas and Nora Mahood

Thomas was awarded the 1914-15 Star (rank recorded as Lance Corporal), the British War Medal and the Victory Medal (rank recorded as Colour Sergeant and CQMS).

1914-15 Star Medal Roll - Thomas Mahood

British War & Victory Medal Rolls - Thomas Mahood

Following his demobilisation after the Great War, Thomas returned to work eventually ending up as Manager of Portaferry branch.  He also worked in Enniskillen and Rathfriland.

Belfast Banking Company, Enniskillen

Belfast Banking Company, Rathfriland

Belfast Banking Company, Portaferry [Acknowledgements to the J Millar Collection]

On 7th January 1949, the Belfast Gazette recorded Thomas Mahood of Belfast Bank House, Portaferry as being appointed as a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE).  1949 New Year's Honours list.  As Honorary Secretary,  Upper Ards Local Savings Committee, Co. Down.

Retirement came in 1951 and he died on 8th February 1961.  PRONI records the following in their Will Calendars collection:

"Mahood, Thomas of 1 Slievemoyne Park Newcastle county Down retired bank manager died 8 February 1961 Probate Belfast 27 April to Nora Mahood the widow. Effects £1639 6s. 4d."

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

McMechan, James

Captain James McMechan MC
was born on 6th July 1893 to Hugh McMechan, Farmer and Lizzie Jane McMechan nee Kirkpatrick.

In 1901 James was living in house 4, Ballybranagh Lower, Ardglass, Co. Down with his parents and 6 siblings, Emma, Nellie, Hugh Thomas and John.  Two servants also live in the house, Lizzie Fitzpatrick (14) and Lizzie Harrison (26).

By 1911, the property is known as house 2, Ballybranagh, Ardglass, Co. Down.  The family consists of the parents and 6 children, Elsie, John, Kathleen, Emma, Hugh and Mary.

James is not recorded here.  He is boarding in house 45, Ballybannon, Dundrum, Co. Down with a family called Donnan.  His occupation is recorded as an Apprentice Mechanic.

James would have joined the Belfast Banking Company around 1909 and worked in Pettigo, Cookstown and Downpatrick branches.  His father signed the Bankers Indemnity for him.

On 28th September 1912, James and Hugh McMechan signed the Ulster Covenant at the Balee Meeting House, Ardglass or at Castlewellan.

James enlisted into the 10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers and attained the rank of Captain.

James McMechan - Medal Index Card

He was awarded the Military Cross (MC).

The London Gazette dated 17th September 1917 records his citation as

“For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in leading his company during an attack.  He personally showed them how close they could keep to the barrage, and with great courage and skill he outflanked and wiped out an enemy machine gun and its crew without a single casualty to his own men.  His coolness and fine leadership contributed very largely to the success of the operation.”

The Belfast Banking Company 'Roll of Honour' booklet records McMechan as having been 'previously wounded' with his last known address as 'prisoner of war'.

James was captured on 22nd March 1918 by the Germans at Le Hamel and was imprisoned in the O G L Rastatt camp.  His Next of Kin is recorded as Elsie McMechan, Downpatrick.

German Prisoner of War Record 1 - Capt James McMechan MC

German Prisoner of War Record 2 - Capt James McMechan MC

Following his demobilisation after the Great War, McMechan returned to work.  He is recorded in the Northern Whig dated 29th May 1920 as being the Acting Manager of Whitehead branch.  The clipping, posted below, informs the readers that McMechan received his Military Cross in a Royal Investiture, from the King at Buckingham Palace.

[Courtesy of Great War Belfast Clippings]

James is recorded in BBCo records as having a wife, May Kathleen McMechan.

McMechan died on 23rd November 1933.