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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Manning, Frederick Beresford Everard

Lieutenant Frederick Beresford Everard Manning
was born in 1897.

He was the eldest son of William Manning and Mary Elizabeth Manning.

Manning joined the Belfast Banking Company and worked in Central and East End branches.

East End branch (Albertbridge Road, Belfast)

On 28th September 1912, an Everard Manning signed the Ulster Covenant at Dufferin Memorial Hall, Bangor giving his address as 61 Ballyholme Road, Bangor.

Manning served with the 11th Brigade, Machine Gun Company and attained the rank of Lieutenant in 1916.

The Belfast Banking Company 'Roll of Honour' booklet records Manning as having been 'previously wounded' with his last known address as 'in France'.

The Belfast News Letter of 21st October 1917 reports:

Manning may have left the bank.

The London Gazette of 2nd March 1928 records Manning as being promoted to Captain in the Indian Medical Service from 4th August 1927 with seniority from 3rd April 1925.

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