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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Excerpts from Documents

25th September 1945

Temporary Lady Clerks
As the members of the permanent staff in the Forces will soon be returning to take up duty again, the Temporary Lady Clerks will, as a matter of course and in keeping with the terms of employment, be released from duty as the men return.
We are sending this notice now so that those ladies may have an opportunity of securing positions elsewhere and we shall be prepared to release them on short notice, if they are successful.
We wish to express to the Lady Clerks, our appreciation of the help that they have given in carrying on the services of the Bank to the Public during the War period.


19th March 1946

In order to avoid redundancy of staff by the return of Officials from Active Service, we have, as far as possible, restricted new entrants to our Service, and, therefore, decided not to hold an examination for Clerkships this year.  As the rate of demobilization is somewhat slower than we expected in the case of younger men we now find that our Staff will be somewhat short during the Summer months when we are providing for holiday and sick relief.
We do not wish in any way to curtail or upset the usual holiday arrangements, and we appeal, therefore, to our Managers and Staffs, to examine the situation at their respective Branches and see if it would be at all possible to help us out of this temporary difficulty by lending us a hand for the current leave season, or by dispensing with relief.
Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated and materially help us to tide over a very difficult period.

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