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Monday, 12 November 2012

Duff, William Archibald

Bombardier / Clerk William Archibald Duff
was born on 12th November 1900 of Church of Ireland faith.  

He was the son of William Duff and Millie Duff who in 1901 lived in house 296, Ormeau Road, Belfast.  William’s occupation was that of a Branch Bank Inspector.  By 1911 the house was detailed as 195 Ormeau Road, Belfast. 
On 17th January 1916 Duff joined Northern Bank at Head Office.  Transfers followed to Royal Avenue (1917), Portaferry (1917), Head Office (1918), Connswater (19180, Head Office (1918), Downpatrick (1918), Royal Avenue (1924), Shaftesbury Square (1928), Head Office (1931), Markets (1931), Randalstown (1935) and Head Office (1939). 
In 1936 Duff joined an Anti-Aircraft Regiment and on 1st September 1939 he was called up for Active Service with the 8th Belfast Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment.  His Service Number was 1459531.  He signed on for 4 years (Supplementary Service). 
He is the younger brother of Donald McConnell Duff.

Northern Banking Company Limited, Downpatrick

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