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Saturday, 10 November 2012

MacDonnell, Robert Campbell

Gunner Robert Campbell MacDonnell
was born in 1900. 

He was the son of Robert MacDonnell and Virginia Mary MacDonnell.  

In 1901 the family are living in house 11, De Burgh Terrace, Londonderry.  Robert is recorded as being a Bank Official. 

By 1911 they have moved to house 30, Mill Street, Ballymena.  The father is now a Bank Manager. 

His wife is Anne Louise MacDonnell (wife) of The Square, Portaferry (also later of Belfast Bank House, Whitehead). 
MacDonnell would have joined the Belfast Banking Company around 1917 and worked in Ballymoney.

Around that time, MacDonnell volunteered and enlisted as a Gunner with the Royal Garrison Artillery. 
Following his demobilisation after the Great War, MacDonnell returned to work eventually ending up as Manager of Whitehead branch.  He also served in Markets branch. 
MacDonnell was a member of the Belfast Banking Company Sports Club in March 1947 paying 5 shillings subscription. 
Retirement came in 1961. 

He died on 18th April 1970.
The Staff Magazine ‘The Link (Winter 1984)’ contains a photograph of McDonnell in Londonderry branch in the 1930’s.

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