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Monday, 16 September 2019

Lynas, William Theodore

Officer Cadet William Theodore Lynas
was born on 3rd February 1894 to William Henry Lynas (Lithographer) and Eva Lynas nee McGee, both of 56 Deramore Avenue, Belfast.

In 1901 William lived in house 216, Ravenhill Road, Ormeau Ward, Belfast with his parents and 3 siblings; Frances Eva, Madeline Beatrice and Norman Edward.

By 1911 the whole family had moved to house 3, Sandhurst Road, Cromac Ward, Belfast.  William is described as a scholar.

On Ulster Day, 28th September 1912, (Wm T) Lynas' parents signed the Ulster Covenant and Women's Declaration at City Hall, Belfast and All Saints School, Cromac, Belfast giving their address as 6 Sandhurst Road, Belfast.  Two sisters Beatrice and Franzi also signed the Women's Declaration.

Lynas would have joined the Belfast Banking Company around 1912/13.  His father signed the bankers indemnity.  He served in Armagh.

BBCo Bankers Indemnity Ledger - Wm T Lynas

BBCo Armagh branch

Lynas served as an Officer Cadet with the Officer Training Corps (OTC).

BBCo Londonderry branch

The Staff Magazine ‘The Link (Winter 1984)’ contains a photograph of Lynas in Londonderry branch in the 1930’s.

W T Lynas, 1930, Belfast Banking Company, Shipquay Street, Londonderry branch

Staff, 1930, Belfast Banking Company, Shipquay Street, Londonderry branch

Eva Lynas (mother) died aged 70 at Belfast Mental Hospital on 4th October 1936 and is buried with her husband in Dundonald Cemetery.  58 Shandon Park was his last residence.

William was in Londonderry branch when he left the Bank in 1940.  On 1st March 1941 his address was 44 Rosemount Gardens, Belfast.

William died aged 47 at 58 Shandon Park, Belfast on 11th August 1941 and is buried with his brother Norman in Dundonald Cemetery.  On 14th August 1941, the Belfast News-Letter carried the following death notice that mentioned his widow Emily Lynas.

William Henry (father) died aged 85 on a 'bus at corner of Holland Drive & Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast' on 1st January 1951 and is buried with his wife Eva in Dundonald Cemetery.  58 Shandon Park was his last residence.  The Belfast Telegraph published an obituary for William H Lynas.  Within it were mentioned Mr H E McDowell (son-in-law) and Mr H D Simpson (grandson) indicating the two sisters Frances Eva and Madeline Beatrice married either Mr McDowell or Mr Simpson.

Norman died aged 60 at 'Garnesh', Beechill Avenue, Belfast on 31st December 1960 and is buried with his brother William in Dundonald Cemetery.

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