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Monday, 12 November 2012

Richardson, James Alexander

James Alexander Richardson
was born on 17th October 1911.  

He was the son of William Richardson, Tobermore (Auctioneer).

Richardson joined the Belfast Banking Company on 1st July 1930.  
The London Gazette (1941) records a 2nd Lieutenant J A Richardson with Service Number 90355 serving with the Royal Artillery TA.  He served as a Desert Rat in Egypt.
Following his return from Active Service, Richardson was transferred to Ballymena (1947) and later to Strabane.

Belfast Banking Company, Strabane

During the 1950's he was Treasurer of the Ballymena Services Club.

W R Richardson (son) has provided some of the information above.


  1. J A Richardson was a member of the Royal Artillery serving as Desert Rat in Egypt. He was treasurer of the services club in Ballymena in the 50's.

    W R Richardson (son)

  2. James Richardson's brother Walter also served as a Desert Rat during WWII as part of the Coleraine Battery, serving likewise in Egypt and elsewhere. He took-over the family public house which their father had founded in 1911, and is still run by James' brothers family to this day.


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