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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

World War 2 Veterans Wanted for VE Day 70th Anniversary

World War 2 Veterans Wanted for Victory in Europe Day (VE Day) 70th Anniversary

The Royal British Legion have announced a scheme by which WW2 veterans can apply for funding to attend a commemoration event in London over the weekend of 8th to 10th May 2015.

".... The Royal British Legion will join the nation in marking the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE) Day over the weekend of 8-10 May.  A series of national commemorative events will take place in London, and community events and celebrations are being organised across the country.

The Second World War generation will be at the heart of all activity and, as part of this, the Legion is now making a call out to veterans of VE Day, who would like to take part in the national commemorations in London.

To ensure representation across all those who played an active role during the Second World War, the invitation is for those who served in the military, the Home Guard or in any one of the reserved occupations, including medics, police and the 'Bevan Boys'.

To be eligible, veterans must be 85 years and over (by 8 May 2015). All veterans can bring one nominated carer with them. ...."

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